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Throw Your Heart Over - Book Three, Stonegate Series

Throw Your Heart Over - Book Three, Stonegate Series

*Signed by the author*

Looks can be deceiving.

Take Ellie – pretty, athletic, starting university on a scholarship, and serving as her sister’s bridesmaid.

Except … Ellie’s sister is a bridezilla, her bridesmaid’s dress is hideous, her career as a competitive ringette player is over, she’s been dumped by her boyfriend, and she still can’t shake the deep-seated insecurity leftover from her severe and painful acne.

As best-friend Em leaves town for university, she encourages Ellie to learn to ride on Em’s trusty horse, Lucas.

Can Ellie find the courage to embrace a new sport, new friends, a new love, and a new image of herself?

"This book is so good! Positive, insightful, endearing, and funny!" - Amazon Reviewer

"Family, romance and horses, what more could you want?" - Amazon Reviewer