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Six-Month Horse - Prequel, Island Series

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Six-Month Horse - Prequel, Island Series

*Signed by the author. Available in both dust-jacketed hardcover and paperback (image three shows the cover underneath the hardcover dust jacket)*

The one that got away.

Meg’s heard the expression before, but now she truly understands it.

She wishes she didn’t.

Because the one that got away was the horse that tugged at Meg’s heartstrings.

Meg’s going to need the help of best friend, Slate, and brother, Cam, to make sure she doesn’t miss out on her next heart-horse, and to set her up for her first fateful appaloosa summer on the island.

"A great story of a family and the emotions, the expectations, the life plans take on as they develop." - Amazon Reviewer

"Another great read from Tudor Robins … If you’re reading reviews to decide whether or not to give Tudor’s books a chance, I’d stop hesitating and start reading, you won’t regret it!" - Amazon Reviewer