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Reason Why - Book Five, Island Series

$14.99 - $26.99
Reason Why - Book Five, Island Series

*Signed by the author. Available in both dust-jacketed hardcover and paperback (image three shows the cover underneath the hardcover dust jacket)*

Finally. Meg and Jared’s simple-and-perfect island wedding is about to take place … even if Meg’s mom would prefer something a little less simple, and a little less island.

Lacey’s on her way home and Slate’s coming to the island to perform bridesmaid duties with Austen.

The village hall is booked, Betsy’s on pie duty, and the islanders are ready to celebrate with Meg and Jared.

Until weather warnings go off at the same time as a tornado touches down.

With roofs blown off, barns collapsed, and cars flipped Meg knows the focus needs to switch from wedding celebrations to disaster recovery.

But do the islanders agree with her?

Catch up with familiar people – and horses – in this final book of Tudor Robin’s Island Series.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was nice to revisit all the characters we’ve met in the previous books and I loved seeing everyone happy in the end." – Amazon Reviewer