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Not so Bad

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Not so Bad

*Signed by the author. Available in both dust-jacketed hardcover and paperback*

When the world changes overnight, Aspen has her own, immediate, world to protect.

Her horses, her land, and the business she’s been building are all threatened by the shutdown and the virus causing it.

For years Aspen’s been wishing long-lost love, Dob, would return, and now – living alone, with so much responsibility on her shoulders – would be the perfect time for him to come back and help her out.

Or would it?

While the news calls for a return to normal, Aspen’s begins to question whether that’s what she wants. The pandemic might be giving Aspen the chance to make new decisions, new choices, a fresh start, if only she can find the courage to embrace them.

"A new horsey, small-town rom-com that is just the right amount of sweet mixed with a dash of country vibes and family shenanigans," - Amazon Reviewer

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read by this author and this book is no exception." - Amazon Reviewer