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Moving North - Book One, Perryside

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Moving North - Book One, Perryside

*Signed by the author. Available in both dust-jacketed hardcover and paperback (image two shows the hardcover, image three shows the cover underneath the hardcover dust jacket)*

Ever since her mom died, Perry’s been keeping up a frantic pace trying to keep her twenty-five-year-old horse healthy, her stepfather and her four-year-old brother happy, and her memories of her mom alive.

That frantic pace is the problem, though. The big, busy city is wearing everybody down, including Perry.

She was willing to give up her boyfriend, and even her best friend, to focus on her family, Lief and Justin, and her horse, North, but despite all Perry's efforts, Justin's sad and stressed, Lief's vulnerable, and North's health is in jeopardy.

When Perry inherits a house in the quiet, friendly town of Perryside, a move could be just what they all need … if only Perry wasn’t terrified of leaving the only place she’s ever known her mother.

Will Perry’s memories survive a move to Perryside? But without the move, will her family survive?

Enjoy a brand-new series from Tudor Robins, author of the much-loved Island and Stonegate series.

“… realistic characters, diverse families, the flutters of first love, beautiful horses and an idyllic countryside setting …” – Amazon Reviewer

"… a horse story but much more than that …" – Amazon Reviewer