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Gift Horse

Gift Horse

*Signed by the author*

It’s good to have dreams.

It’s also good to understand that some dreams can never come true.

Kiki longs to have her own horse. She particularly covets Pitch Perfect, the lovely grey owned by one of her lesson mates.

It can’t do any harm to imagine trotting along on light-footed Pitch instead of the sweet-but-clunky schooling horse she rides every week.

As long as she remembers, it’s just a dream.

But what if Kiki could own a horse after all? And not just any horse — what if Kiki could own Pitch?

It will take compromise, cooperation, and creativity — but maybe Kiki can have the best gift ever this holiday.

"I really enjoyed the story ... a nice holiday tale." - Goodreads Reviewer

"... a nice story for the holidays ... Sweet ending." - Amazon Reviewer